RoboCup Crailsheim


The time has come on the first weekend in April: The RoboCup Crailsheim will take place in the Karlsberghalle in Crailsheim! We are looking forward to presenting our self-made robots to you and to playing exciting games against our friends TIGERs Mannheim, LUHbots (Hanover), RoboTeam Twente (Netherlands) and NAMeC (Bordeaux, France).

The tournament is a great opportunity to learn more about robotics and artificial intelligence at European universities and to see robots from some of the world’s best teams at play.

Come and experience exciting games and a unique atmosphere!

See you on April 1st and 2nd in Crailsheim!

Workshop February 2023

In order to get our robots fit for the upcoming games and tournaments and to assemble them, we held a workshop on the last weekend in February 2023.

On Friday afternoon, the work in the subteams started straight away. The construction and calibration of a playing field as a replacement for our currently unusable basement was particularly important on this day. The chair FAPS kindly provided us with an area in its hall. There we first had to roll out the carpet, set up the bands and attach our camera for the vision system to the ceiling. The vision could then be calibrated step by step starting in the evening, so that testing in the field could begin on Saturday. Finally, we let the evening end with a pizza we ordered together and talks.

Saturday started at 10 a.m. with a joint breakfast and a presentation of the work status and goals for the weekend. In electronics, for example, the weekend was all about soldering and testing new boards for the robot fleet.

In the firmware, work was mainly done on the firing logic and the regulation. This also required numerous test drives on the new replacement pitch.

In addition, the strategy team worked diligently on a numerical simulation of our shot. With the background information from the various areas of our team, we have set up a very extensive dynamic model. From this we want to derive improvements in the hardware and a more accurate model for the shooting behavior.

On Sunday we started again with breakfast together, before the projects were then pursued further in the individual sub-teams. In this way, many tasks could be successfully solved before the workshop ended in a cozy get-together in the afternoon.

Logo Robocup 2023 BordeauxAfter three years of postponement due to corona the time has finally come this year and the Robocup in Bordeaux can take place.

The first phase of the qualification ended at the end of January. In addition to our Team Qualification Paper, we also had to provide a qualification video in which we show the playful abilities of our robots.

In the next phase of the qualification, the team description paper is evaluated by other teams in a peer review process. Afterwards we have one last opportunity to improve the paper before the final decision on qualification is made.

Open Lab Day 2022

Are you interested in our robots or our association?

Then 27.10.2022 is exactly the right date for you, because this is when our workshop open day takes place.

You can find us on this day in U1.154 in the basement of the blue IT high-rise, at Martensstraße 3 on the TechFak. We will be well signposting this room this evening and you can come any time between 4pm and 7pm. Should changes be necessary due to the current situation on that day, we will provide up-to-date information here again.

We look forward to seeing you on October 27th. to see.

Over the past few days we have been able to play many exciting games against teams from all over the world. Despite the adverse circumstances that arose for all teams due to the corona pandemic, the semiconductor crisis and many other restrictions, the RoboCup 2022 was still an exciting tournament and a complete success.

After a successful semi-final match against RoboTeam Twente, we unfortunately lost in the final match to our friends from TIGERs Mannheim. Nevertheless, we are proud to have become Vice World Champion again this year!

Our team will remain in the “Land of Smiles” for the next few days to relax and do some sightseeing before we all return to Erlangen. There will certainly be many more exciting experiences for our members, but this is the end of our coverage of the tournament.

But as the saying goes: After the tournament is before the tournament! We’ll be back at RoboCup 2023 in Bordeaux, France!

RoboCup 2022 – Semi-final 2: ER-Force vs RoboTeam Twente

Live ticker:

0′ Kick-off at 10:06. ER-Force is on the ball, Twente takes the ball and plays wide. Throw-in for ER-Force, but ER-Force fails to place the ball. Throw-in for Twente. ER-Force takes the ball, Twente blocks and plays wide. Throw-in for ER-Force, but the ball placement doesn’t work again. ER-Force substituted the robot that failed the ball placement. Throw-in for Twente. Shot on the ER-Force goal, the keeper fends off.

1′ Throw-in for ER Force. Good passing game by ER-Force, and out.
Throw-in for Twente, pass to ER-Force, ER-Force passes wide.
Throw-in for Twente. Pass to ER-Force, off again.

2′ Throw-in for Twente. Twente change a robot. Pass to ER-Force, good change of pass from ER-Force, shot on goal, unfortunately over. Twente touches the ball in the defense area. Penalty shot for ER-Force, but ER-Force fails to shoot. Twente went into the 11 meter, that’s why ER-Force didn’t shoot. Now we are discussing how to proceed.
Twente went into the penalty and prevented a possible goal. Since Twente can’t play a penalty, this is now counted as a goal for ER-Force.
Twente gets 2 robots out. ER-Force plays the ball wide. Throw-in for Twente.

3′ Twente passes, ER-Force takes the ball and drives into a dead zone. Now Twente and ER-Force are fighting for the ball. Twente plays wide. Throw-in for ER-Force, but ER-Force fails to place the ball. Throw-in for Twente. ER-Force switches in a bot, but the bot tries to sleep and falls over.

4′ Good pass by ER-Force, but a bot doesn’t react and the ball goes out. Throw-in for Twente, Twente play wide. Throw-in for ER Force. ER-Force fails to place the ball. Throw-in for Twente. Both teams take out 2 robots.
Twente pass, ER-Force intercepts the ball and plays wide.


5′ Change of sides: ER-Force is now playing on the side with the worse funk.
Throw-in for Twente, pass to ER-Force, ER-Force plays wide. Throw-in for Twente, ER-Force takes the ball, passes, Twente takes the ball, passes to ER-Force, but the ball bounces off wide.

6′ Throw-in for Twente, exciting game in front of the Twente goal, ER-Force passes it back and the ball goes out over the ER-Force goal line.

7′ Throw in for Twente, pass directly to ER-Force, ER-Force play wide. Throw-in for Twente, ER-Force intercepts the ball, shot on target. Twente intercepts the ball again in the defense area. Twente contest this as they were pushed into the defense area.
The penalty applies. Twente take all robots off the field to avoid fouling again. ER-Force does not create the kick.
Twente brings all the robots back on.
Nice pass exchange by ER-Force in front of the Twente goal. Twente pass the ball and play back.

8′ ER-Force plays for goal, shot on target, blocked by the keeper. ER-Force plays off. Throw-in for Tewnte, shot straight at the ER-Force goal, ER-Force plays back, and out. Throw-in for Twente. Twente lost power and now have to restart.
Throw-in for ER-Force, pass, and pushed wide. Throw-in for Twente, ER-Force intercepts and plays wide.

9′ Throw-in for Twente, ER-Force passes, plays in the direction of the goal. And off.
Shot on goal for ER-Force, but the keeper saves.

The game ends 0:1 for ER-Force.

RoboCup 2022 – Tigers VS ER-Force Final

Live ticker:

0′ Kick-off at 11:34. Nice rally on both sides, Tigers shoots out. Throw-in for ER-Force, Tigers pass and play wide. Throw-in for ER Force. Pass in the direction of the goal, Tigers pass, ER-Force regains the ball and plays wide. Throw-in for Tigers. Pass to goal, shot on goal at the ER-Force goal. Goal for Tigers.
Kick-off for ER Force.

1′ ER-Force fits wide. Throw in for Tigers, pass to goal, ER-Force recaptures the ball and plays to Tigers side. Tigers takes the ball, plays to the goal. Goal for Tigers.
Kick-off for ER-Force, Tigers win the ball, Tigers have a shot on goal, but the keeper saves.

2′ Tigers keep attacking, but ER-Force’s defense remains solid and manages to get the ball into the opponent’s half. Tigers conquered the ball, played on goal. ER-Force scores the ball wide. Corner kick for Tigers, Tigers fail to place the ball. Corner kick for ER-Force, but ER-Force doesn’t manage the ball placement either.
Tigers swaps out a robot.
Corner for ER Force. Both teams fight for the ball in the middle. ER-Force manages to play on Tigers goal, but Tigers is outnumbered and holds a solid defense.

3′ Tigers play back to the side of ER-Force. Er-Force plays back. Nice game from both sides. Tigers shoots wide.
Throw-in for ER-Force, but ER-Force fails to place the ball. Throw-in for Tigers.

4′ ER-Force manages to win the ball and tries to fight his way to the opposing side. Tigers swaps out a robot. Tigers wins the ball and plays wide. Throw-in for ER Force. ER-Force plays directly to Tigers, but tries to get the ball back immediately. Tigers plays wide.


5′ Kick-off for Tigers. ER-Force tries to get the ball but Tigers manages to keep it. ER-Force takes the ball, plays to Tigers, shot on goal, but the ER-Force keeper saves. ER-Force tries to play from their own half.

6′ Tigers takes the ball and has an effort on goal, but ER-Force saves and plays it wide. Corner kick for Tigers. ER-Force passes the ball and manages to play it to the Tigers side. Back pass from ER-Force, ER-Force plays, but Tigers takes the ball back and plays in the direction of ER-Force goal.

7′ ER-Force takes the ball back, fights with Tigers on the halfway line and finally manages to play into the Tigers half. ER-Force plays over the goal line. Throw-in for Tigers, the ball is back on ER-Force’s half. ER-Force plays off again. Corner kick for Tigers. Tigers miss the ball placement. Corner kick for ER-Force, but ER-Force doesn’t shoot. ER-Force plays off. Throw-in for Tigers, good passes from Tigers, shot on goal but good defense from ER Force Tigers plays wide.

8′ Throw-in for ER-Force, Tigers saves the ball and has an effort on goal. Goal for Tigers. Kick-off for ER-Force, Tigers intercepts the ball and plays wide. Throw-in for ER Force. ER-Force matches Tigers, Tigers back to ER-Force. ER-Force plays off.
Throw-in for Tigers. Tigers plays straight back out.

9′ Throw-in for ER Force. ER-Force fails to place the ball. Throw-in for Tigers, Tigers plays towards the ER-Force goal. ER Force Defense is weak because ER Force is now playing Aggressively. Nevertheless, she passes the ball and plays back to the Tigers half. There into the off.
Throw-in for Tigers. Direct pass to ER-Force, ER-Force plays wide.

The game ends 3-0 for Tigers. This makes TIGERs the official world champion of the RoboCup 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand! But we also did very well with a proud vice world championship title.

Important Notes RoboCup 2022 Bangkok

What’s next? – SEMIFINALS

The group stage is over. We will play as runners-up in the semi-finals against RoboTeam Twente. The game will take place tomorrow (Saturday) at 10:00 local time (Germany 5:00).

If we win the game we will play in the final at 11:30 am (Germany 6:30 am).

The respective live streams can be found here.



A table with all group phase results can be found at Results Group Phase Division A | Robotics Erlangen or directly on the SSL website.

We are looking forward to your support.

RoboCup 2022 – ER-Force vs. TIGERs Mannheim

Our last game of the day is the second leg against our friends from TIGERs Mannheim. It takes place at 11:30 a.m. German time. Mannheim is currently leading the table with 19 points, followed directly by us with 17 points.

The first game against the TIGERs on Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. already impressed with nice passes and good combos. Both teams did excellently during the game. Despite the fact that our team had to start the match with fewer robots in advance, we were able to keep the score 0-0 until the end. Accordingly, we have set ourselves the goal of letting this game against the reigning world champion again end at least in a draw.

First Half

05:00 Due to delays due to the last games, our match against TIGERs Mannheim will start with a little delay, probably at 12:00 p.m. German time.
05:00 The game starts at 12:00 sharp with a kick-off from Mannheim. However, this is directly matched by one of our robots, which then unfortunately messes up listlessly and carelessly in the direction of the opposing goal line.
05:00 Mannheim appears to be playing this game with all 11 robots as well. Our team, on the other hand, only has 6 kickers. Two more are currently on the bench due to injuries and the number 9 was almost completely destroyed by a short circuit as a result of a loose screw.
04:35 After a few nice rallies, the ball finally lands out of bounds thanks to TIGERs. However, our 0 doesn’t manage the ball placement, which is why TIGERs is allowed to put the ball back into play.
04:35 Quick change: Our robot handler (the young man in the green t-shirt at the edge of the field) places a new robot on the field almost inconspicuously. Much more visible, however, he removes the 2 at the same time as he runs across the field, only to hand it back to the field after a short inspection. ER-Force now with 7 bots.
04:20 After the TIGERs throw-in, a dangerous moment for our team: An opponent’s robot pulls in the direction of the goal directly in front of our penalty area, but the ball bounces off one of our players .
03:06 As expected, the game is very dynamic. The ball changes sides, duels are the order of the day.
02:27 After a long, almost uninterrupted game, ball placement for us. But nothing moves on the field. It seems our 1 has radio problems and is therefore not moving to the ball. Our robot handler seems to have recognized this as well and takes the bot off the field.
02:12 The radio problems seem to be escalating: 4 more robots on the field for ER-Force, two had to go!
00:49 Another wonderful game that we can experience here! But in the end it tightens up: A dangerous bunch of opposing robots cavort in front of our goal, but our keeper can hold the trigger.
00:31 But unfortunately now: Our shot bounces off the enemy robot, rolls over half the field to an opponent’s bot. He doesn’t hesitate and passes it on to his striker, who sees the gap through our defense and takes advantage! Goal for Mannheim.

Second Half

05:00 The second half begins, ER-Force now with 8 robots.
04:49 The radio problems seem to dominate the second half as well. At 10, our robot handler has to help a little.
03:40 Another fast game, but now there are a few bad passes from both teams. The teams seem slightly exhausted.
02:24 Many changes of sides and shots on goal, but nothing really dangerous. Both teams seem absolutely equal in terms of their AI. Radio problems continue to dominate the game: 7 robots for ER-Force.
01:07 One minute left, but neither team seems to want to give anything to the other. ER-Force again with 8 robots.
00:18 Shortly before the end, another tactical timeout by ER-Force to make the robots fully operational for the last few seconds.
00:00 After a final competition in the Mannheim half, the final whistle finally blew: the game ended 1:0 for TIGERs Mannheim

Our game against Tigers Mannheim was very nice to watch. It was fluid, without many interruptions and accordingly exciting and entertaining. The AI of the two teams appeared absolutely equal, but Mannheim had the edge when it came to hardware.

ER-Force had to deal with radio problems and non-functioning light barriers, which is why the robots simply stopped or could not shoot. In addition, they seem to have problems with sideways driving, which resulted in violent wobbling.

Nevertheless, it is by no means to be despised if, despite these handicaps and sometimes with a severe deficit of 4 to 11, you can hold your own against the opponent and finally finish the game with a good 0:1 for TIGERs Mannheim.

As this was the last game of the group stage, here is the final match table:

Team Points
ER Force 17
Twente 8
RoboDragons 4

Results Group Stage Division A

So far we are satisfied with the course of the tournament. We had some problems at the beginning to see the ball in our camera system (vision). Fortunately, we were able to solve this problem by the end of the second setup day.

Unfortunately, we were only able to test a little during the setup days. Nevertheless, we were still able to solve one or the other mechanical problem. Unfortunately, we still had some problems with our new light barriers, which we have not yet been able to solve for all robots. Nevertheless, we were able to win most games with solid performances.

Our biggest problem so far has been bad radio. We’ve done some testing and through a lot of board swapping and other testing we seem to have found a setup that allows us to play most of the field. Although we’re still a little concerned that too many other devices are transmitting on our frequency and interfering with our radio, we were able to win the last game with acceptable radio. We continue to hope that the funk gods will help us.

RoboCup 2022 – ER-Force vs Twente


Live ticker:

0′ Kick-off at 1:36 p.m. Right at the beginning a goal from ER-Force. Immediately afterwards, Twente call an emergency top and challenge the goal.
Twente would have taken offense, but their robots didn’t start. After a few seconds, the other team is also allowed to get the ball, which is how the ER-Force goal was created. Twente disputes this and discusses it with the referee. The video checks whether ER-Force has complied with the timeout.
Kick-off for Twente. ER-Force tries to pass back but the bot can’t shoot.
Shot on goal for ER-Force, Twente saves.
ER-Force has ball placement but cannot keep the ball in the dribbler.
ER-Force swaps out the robot with a broken shot.

1′ ER-Force played the ball forward, but unfortunately shot it wide. Throw-in for Twente. Twente leads ER-Force and ER-Force plays back intos. Twente’s high shot doesn’t work and ER-Force defends the corner from the outside.

2′ Throw-in for ER-Force, shot on target, is saved by the keeper. Shot on goal by ER-Force, unfortunately out of bounds. Twente change a robot. Twente pass through their own penalty area, ER-Force passes the ball but fails to score.

3′ ER-Force swaps out the robot with a broken kicker. Corner kick to ER-Force, ER-Force commits a double touch. Corner kick for Twente. Twente pass, the ball bounces off the robot and goes wide. Throw-in for ER-Force, but ER-Force fails to place the ball. Throw-in for Twente.
Free kick for ER-Force, ER-Force plays a back pass, unfortunately wide. Throw-in for Twente.

4′ Twente shoots wide again.
Twente’s goal has loosened. Time out to fix the gate.
ER-Force passes the ball over the defense area, but cannot receive it. Throw-in for Twente. ER-Force matches the throw-in. Plays a back pass through his own defense area to the outside. Corner kick for Twente, but Twente fails to place the ball. ER-Force gets the ball but doesn’t move. Shot on goal from the corner by ER-Force into the Twente goal. Goal for ER Force.


The last goal is still being discussed. One of the two autoreferees reported that ER-Force dribbled too far. However, the other did not report it. It cannot be seen in either the live stream or the vision because the corner is not recorded. So the goal doesn’t count.

5′ Kick-off for Twente. ER-Force takes the ball off and tries it on goal from Twente. The keeper holds. ER-Force replaces a robot.

6′ ER Force Plays in out. Throw-in for Twente. A robot from Twente hits the ball and loses the dribbler.
Kick-off for ER-Force, ER-Force plays on goal, unfortunately into the goal.
Throw-in for Twente, double touch. Kick-off for ER-Force, also double touch. The game continues without a throw-in. ER-Force has an effort on goal, but Twente saves.
Throw-in for ER Force. ER-Force fails to place the ball. Throw-in for Twente. Twente plays a back pass wide.
Throw-in for ER-Force, but ER-Force again fails to place the ball. Twente also have difficulties placing the ball.
Twente’s dribbler breaks again. Twente exchanges the robot.

7′ Throw-in for Twente on the ER-Force goal. ER Force blocks. ER-Force plays on the Twente goal, Twente worth a corner kick for ER-Force. ER-Force fails the ball placement. Corner for Twente. Pass to ER-Force, ER-Force plays over the goal line into .

8′ Throw-in for Twente. ER-Force takes the ball but can’t shoot. ER-Force carries the ball out. ER-Force changes the robot. who can’t shoot.
Throw-in for Twente, ER-Force takes the ball and scores a goal. Unfortunately, the shot was too fast, so the goal doesn’t count.

RoboCup 2022 – ER-Force vs KIKS

Another win for us! With a 2:0 against KIKS, we are slowly but surely making our way to the semi-finals!

With much better funk we were able to win a nice and worth seeing game against KIKS. Despite a dead spot in the corner that cost us a few ball placements, the game was fluid and featured strong robot duels. Overall we are happy with our performance and we hope the funk keeps going!

Live stream:

Live ticker

0′ Kick-off at 9:04.

4′ Goal for ER Force.
ER-Force scores a goal in stoppage time.


7′ ER-Force has to take out a robot.

The game ends 2:0

RoboCup 2022 – ER-Force vs Robo Dragons

With a 2:0 we were able to win this game as well. Despite major radio problems from the middle of the game, we were able to prevent goals being conceded.

We don’t have another game for today. Tomorrow at 09:00 (Germany: 04:00) against KIKS.

Our next game is against Robo Dragons at 4:30 p.m. (Germany: 11:30 a.m.).

Live Stream:

Live ticker

0′ Kick-off 4:44 p.m.
Goal chance for ER-Force, but unfortunately without success.

1′ The gate of the RoboDragons broke and now needs to be repaired.

3′ Goal for ER Force
Goal for ER Force

RoboDragons contest the last gate. But the referee decides in favor of ER-Force.

6′ Scoring opportunity for ER-Force, saved by RoboDragons.

7′ RoboDragons has an opportunity to score but it is saved by ER-Force.
Shot on goal to ER-Force, ER-Force saves.

8′ Shot on goal at ER-Force, ER-Force saves.

The game ends 2:0

RoboCup 2022 – ER Force vs Twente

We clearly won the game against RoboTeam Twente 5:0.

We are delighted with this further victory and hope that we can continue to improve on this performance. We still have some technical issues that we hope to improve in the next few hours..

Our next game is tomorrow (Thursday) at 12:00 p.m. (Germany: 07:00 a.m.).
We’re playing against Robo Team Twente, who are kind enough to livestream and commentate on all matches.

live stream:

Live ticker

0′ Kick-off at 12:15 p.m.

1′ Twente’s AI crashed. ER Force scores a goal.

2′ Goal for ER-Force, unfortunately the ball was shot too fast.

4′ Goal for ER Force.


5′ Goal for ER Force.

6′ Goal for ER Force.
Goal for ER Force.

7′ ER-Force 6 falls over after a crash.

The game ends 5:0.