The Club

Robotics Erlangen is a group of about 25 students from the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg. We are based at the Chair of Computer Science 4, Distributed Systems and Operating Systems at the Technical Faculty, but our members study computer science as well as other technical courses such as mechatronics, electrical engineering or mechanical engineering.

Since 2007 we have dedicated ourselves to the world of robot soccer. Operating the most beautiful thing in the world with small robots is a real challenge. According to the regulations of the RoboCup, the soccer game must take place completely autonomously – so we are only allowed to cheer during the game.

In the years from 2015 to 2019, our team also included a team from the Logistics League. This part of the team, based at the Chair of Factory Automation (FAPS), dealt with automated production technology using robots. For this purpose, production facilities must be explored, approached and operated during the tournament in order to produce products in the shortest possible time and then transport them to the desired acceptance or further processing locations.

Once a year, in summer, there is the world championship, the RoboCup. The venue changes every year and so the RoboCup 2019 was played in Sydney. The Logistics League team was able to achieve 5th place and the soccer team an excellent 2nd place. In 2021 the RoboCup took place digitally due to the current COVID situation. As part of this digital tournament, we were able to successfully defend our title as Vice World Champion. After the corona pandemic was fortunately largely over in 2022, we were very happy to be able to take part in the RoboCup Bangkok, Thailand again in 2022 and again achieve a strong second place there. In addition to the RoboCup, there are also a few national competitions, e.g. the IranOpen or GermanOpen, as well as many small tournaments that we organize together with other teams such as the TIGERs Mannheim.

We are also present at our own university: our robots show their talent at many events such as various school contact fairs. And the Long Night of Science regularly brings our robot laboratory to a boil.

Are you interested, or do you want to see the robots live? Write us! Are you interested in supporting our project? Contact us!

We can be reached via the e-mail address!