Contribution Regulations

Please note that this document has been translated into English for informational purposes only. This translation has no legal force. For the legally effective document, please visit the German version of this document.

Contribution Regulations of “Robotics Erlangen”

§1 Contribution obligation

(1) The association collects an annual contribution from each member in accordance with these contribution regulations.

(2) The obligation to contribute begins on the day of joining, unless a member joins the association in the last three months of a financial year. Then the obligation to contribute begins at the beginning of the next financial year.

(3) If you leave the association, contributions already paid will not be refunded.

§2 Amount of contribution

(1) The annual fee for active members and supporting members is 10.00 euros.

(2) Each member can also voluntarily make an additional annual contribution. The amount of the contribution is determined by the member himself. It can be changed or revoked in writing by the member at any time for the following financial year.

§3 Maturity

(1) The membership fee is due on January 1 of the current financial year.

(2) If a member joins the association after January 1st, the membership fee is due two weeks after joining.

§4 Method of payment

(1) The contributions are to be paid annually.

(2) The contribution should be paid by direct debit. The contribution will be collected by the association and transferred to the association’s account.

(3) Changes to the account details must be reported to the association immediately.

(4) Fees incurred by the member when collecting the contribution shall be borne by the member.

§5 Effective Date

The contribution regulations come into effect on December 11, 2012