Team Description Papers

Here you can find a list of all papers published by our team. For (E)TDPs, a list of covered topics is also given.

Year Publication Tags
2008 TDP
2009 TDP
2010 TDP
2011 TDP
2011 ETDP
2012 TDP
2013 ETDP
2014 ETDP Mechanics: Overview
Electronics: Overview
Strategy: Overview
2015 ETDP Electronics: Ball Detection
Electronics: JTAG Programmer
Strategy: Multi-Agent System
Strategy: Path Planning
Strategy: Framework
2016 ETDP Mechanics: Linear Kick
Electronics: Ball Detection
Motion Control: Overview
Strategy: Ball Model
2017 ETDP Electronics: Kicker
Motion Control: Overview
Strategy: Defense
Strategy: Tracking
2018 ETDP Motion Control: Current
Strategy: Overview
Strategy: Debugging
2019 ETDP Mechanics: Dribbler
Mechanics: Drive Module
Electronics: Motor Controller
Strategy: Midfield
Human Factor
2019 ETDP Poster
2020 ETDP Strategy: Path Planning
2022 ETDP Mechanics: Chip Kick
Electronics: Modularization
Electronics: Kicker
Strategy: Attack
Strategy: Simulator
2022 ETDP Poster
2023 ETDP Mechanics: Chip Kick Plunger
Electronics: Kicker Shielding
Electronics: Kicker Layout
Strategy: Tracking Robot-Ball-Interactions