RoboCup 2022 – ER-Force vs Twente


Live ticker:

0′ Kick-off at 1:36 p.m. Right at the beginning a goal from ER-Force. Immediately afterwards, Twente call an emergency top and challenge the goal.
Twente would have taken offense, but their robots didn’t start. After a few seconds, the other team is also allowed to get the ball, which is how the ER-Force goal was created. Twente disputes this and discusses it with the referee. The video checks whether ER-Force has complied with the timeout.
Kick-off for Twente. ER-Force tries to pass back but the bot can’t shoot.
Shot on goal for ER-Force, Twente saves.
ER-Force has ball placement but cannot keep the ball in the dribbler.
ER-Force swaps out the robot with a broken shot.

1′ ER-Force played the ball forward, but unfortunately shot it wide. Throw-in for Twente. Twente leads ER-Force and ER-Force plays back intos. Twente’s high shot doesn’t work and ER-Force defends the corner from the outside.

2′ Throw-in for ER-Force, shot on target, is saved by the keeper. Shot on goal by ER-Force, unfortunately out of bounds. Twente change a robot. Twente pass through their own penalty area, ER-Force passes the ball but fails to score.

3′ ER-Force swaps out the robot with a broken kicker. Corner kick to ER-Force, ER-Force commits a double touch. Corner kick for Twente. Twente pass, the ball bounces off the robot and goes wide. Throw-in for ER-Force, but ER-Force fails to place the ball. Throw-in for Twente.
Free kick for ER-Force, ER-Force plays a back pass, unfortunately wide. Throw-in for Twente.

4′ Twente shoots wide again.
Twente’s goal has loosened. Time out to fix the gate.
ER-Force passes the ball over the defense area, but cannot receive it. Throw-in for Twente. ER-Force matches the throw-in. Plays a back pass through his own defense area to the outside. Corner kick for Twente, but Twente fails to place the ball. ER-Force gets the ball but doesn’t move. Shot on goal from the corner by ER-Force into the Twente goal. Goal for ER Force.


The last goal is still being discussed. One of the two autoreferees reported that ER-Force dribbled too far. However, the other did not report it. It cannot be seen in either the live stream or the vision because the corner is not recorded. So the goal doesn’t count.

5′ Kick-off for Twente. ER-Force takes the ball off and tries it on goal from Twente. The keeper holds. ER-Force replaces a robot.

6′ ER Force Plays in out. Throw-in for Twente. A robot from Twente hits the ball and loses the dribbler.
Kick-off for ER-Force, ER-Force plays on goal, unfortunately into the goal.
Throw-in for Twente, double touch. Kick-off for ER-Force, also double touch. The game continues without a throw-in. ER-Force has an effort on goal, but Twente saves.
Throw-in for ER Force. ER-Force fails to place the ball. Throw-in for Twente. Twente plays a back pass wide.
Throw-in for ER-Force, but ER-Force again fails to place the ball. Twente also have difficulties placing the ball.
Twente’s dribbler breaks again. Twente exchanges the robot.

7′ Throw-in for Twente on the ER-Force goal. ER Force blocks. ER-Force plays on the Twente goal, Twente worth a corner kick for ER-Force. ER-Force fails the ball placement. Corner for Twente. Pass to ER-Force, ER-Force plays over the goal line into .

8′ Throw-in for Twente. ER-Force takes the ball but can’t shoot. ER-Force carries the ball out. ER-Force changes the robot. who can’t shoot.
Throw-in for Twente, ER-Force takes the ball and scores a goal. Unfortunately, the shot was too fast, so the goal doesn’t count.