Results Group Stage Division A

So far we are satisfied with the course of the tournament. We had some problems at the beginning to see the ball in our camera system (vision). Fortunately, we were able to solve this problem by the end of the second setup day.

Unfortunately, we were only able to test a little during the setup days. Nevertheless, we were still able to solve one or the other mechanical problem. Unfortunately, we still had some problems with our new light barriers, which we have not yet been able to solve for all robots. Nevertheless, we were able to win most games with solid performances.

Our biggest problem so far has been bad radio. We’ve done some testing and through a lot of board swapping and other testing we seem to have found a setup that allows us to play most of the field. Although we’re still a little concerned that too many other devices are transmitting on our frequency and interfering with our radio, we were able to win the last game with acceptable radio. We continue to hope that the funk gods will help us.