RoboCup: ZJUNlict vs. KIKS

Soon, the last group game between ZJUNlict and KIKS will take place. The important thing for us is that ZJUNlict doesn’t win because then we’ll remain in 3rd place in our group and play against RoboDragons at 3:30 PM. You can find the link to the game as always on Twente’s YouTube page or at this link.

First Half

05:00 The game starts with a 5-minute delay. ZJUNlict plays with 11 robots in yellow, and KIKS with 10 robots in blue.
04:52 Right after the kickoff, ZJUNlict already has to replace a robot, as it’s having obvious problems with ball placement.
03:47 Intense battles in the midfield. Neither team seems to gain a clear advantage. But ZJUNlict has to replace 2 more robots, so they are now down to 8 players.
03:15 Very nice and fluid play in KIKS’ half. Eventually, ZJUNlict manages to break through and successfully score a goal. The score is now 1-0 for ZJUNlict.
ZJUNlict 1 : 0 KIKS
03:07 Completely botched kickoff by KIKS, allowing ZJUNlict to take possession.
02:05 Still a hotly contested ball, although the game has calmed down somewhat, and there are more out-of-bounds situations. Overall, there’s a lot happening in the midfield, indicating a balanced team matchup. The player count is almost back to being equal, with ZJUNlict having 8 robots and KIKS with 9.
01:17 Hot shot on goal by ZJUNlict, unfortunately, it hits the post. Close!
00:31 Another shot by ZJUNlict. The balanced game is shifting in favor of ZJUNlict again, with KIKS mostly on the defensive and not getting the chance to launch an attack themselves.
-00:15 After a very long attempt, ZJUNlict finally manages to score a very nice goal just before halftime.
ZJUNlict 2 : 0 KIKS
00:00 Overall, ZJUNlict is noticeably the stronger team, and even the majority of the time being in a numerical disadvantage couldn’t change that. Accordingly, the two goals of the first half are likely not the only ones, and we can probably expect a game between ER-Force and RoboDragons at 3:30 PM.

Second Half

05:00 And the second half starts. Neither colors nor sides have been changed during halftime.
04:21 Exciting duel in KIKS’ penalty area. The result: a goal for ZJUNlict.
ZJUNlict 3 : 0 KIKS
03:26 Now ZJUNlict means business: after a longer duel in the opponent’s penalty area, they increase the lead to 4-0!
ZJUNlict 4 : 0 KIKS
02:45 Again, very long and beautiful passing plays and duels in KIKS’ half.
02:04 For a change, an attack on ZJUNlict, but the ball doesn’t get close to the goal; instead, it’s cleared out of bounds.
01:06 Eventually, an attack must lead to a goal: 5-0 for ZJUNlict.
ZJUNlict 5 : 0 KIKS
00:42 After the ball has once again been shot out of the field, there’s a longer break, which is used, among other things, for a substitution action. Directly after this break, ZJUNlict calls a timeout.
00:00 With a final score of 5-0, the game ends calmly and leisurely, confirming that ER-Force will play against RoboDragons at 3:30 PM.