Review Performance on Red Square

Together with many other university groups from the technical faculty, we were once again able to draw attention to our activities and projects on Red Square at the beginning of this summer semester and introduce ourselves to potential new members. In addition to our stand, for example, the Formula student team High Octanes with one of their racing cars, Evolonic with their autonomous flying drone and many other groups such as the TechFak garden, the student council, … were on site.

A special feature of our appearance was the opportunity for our visitors to become active themselves. They were able to move our robots by hand over a small field they had brought with them and score a goal or two themselves. In addition, of course, there was also the opportunity to get in touch with our members and to find out more about our club life, the robots and our Robocupliga.

Despite the rather moderate weather, the university group presentation was attended by some students and we are now happy to welcome some new motivated faces to our association.

If you would like to join us, simply contact us at