RoboCup Crailsheim: ER-Force vs. RoboTeam Twente

Now the last game of the evening is coming up: ER-Force vs. RoboTeam Twente.

Between games we tested all robots, continued to work diligently on the new robot and fixed a number of bugs. At around 8:40 p.m. we start the last game of the evening. Meanwhile without spectators, we and RoboTeam Twente sit relaxed in the hall with shared pizza and watch our robots drive.

Despite the late hour, all participants were able to enjoy the quiet but exciting game to their fullest. At half time it is already 6:0 for ER-Force. The game is fluid and we can cheer on the robots without big interruptions. The work was worth it, all robots drive over the large field without any problems. Hence, our team members were able to watch the game pretty relaxed.

Over the course of the second half, our team fought hard against a RoboTeam Twente, which got stronger every seconds, starting with the beginning of the very tournament. Therfore, every goal was quite the victory and finally we were able to win the game early with 10:0.