RoboCup Crailsheim: Summary

Now that the RoboCup Crailsheim is coming to an end, we can give a summary of the weekend.

Our team was able to draw a lot of valuable conclusions from the tournament: why is it possible for us to forget to load the shot in a real tournament game? Shouldn’t something like this be activated automatically? Is our radio actually as robust as we thought? Why didn’t we pass in this or that game situation, although it would have made sense?

Many questions to which we can now throw many minutes of saved game material. But it’s not just us: The other teams were also able to gain valuable insights from the tournament and praised the RoboCup-like overall situation. Accordingly, the teams are all the more pleased to hear that both the city of Crailsheim and the Crailsheim company are planning to hold the tournament every year!

As a living location for robotics and automation, the Crailsheim location and the company Gerhard Schubert, which is inseparably rooted in robotics, only benefit from inspiring young talent from the region with the strengths of robotics and STEM subjects. As a university group, we are therefore very pleased to be able to do our part!

So we only have two things left to say: See you all at RoboCup Bordeaux – as well as RoboCup Crailsheim 2024!

RoboCup Crailsheim: ER-Force vs. TIGERs Mannheim

It came as it had to: ER-Force is in the final against TIGERs Mannheim!

Both teams are tense: As expected, TIGERs Mannheim was able to deliver a more robust performance over the course of the tournament, but ER-Force did better than its competitor against some opponents. An exciting game awaits! The fans obviously knew this too, so that shortly before the start of the game the ranks fill up again: More than 100 spectators can hardly wait when it’s time to say: Let’s play soccer!

Just a few seconds after the kick-off, the spectators can experience the performance of a top-class game: the ball is almost permanently in midfield, the players give their opponents little chance for an attack. If they do, the counterattacks are dangerous, but the teams are usually able to defuse the situation.

So the first half is very exciting and without major interruptions. Finally, TIGERs Mannheim manage to grab the ball and outwit our goalkeeper with a counterattack, which means that the first half is clearly 1-0. Overall, the game appears very balanced; many passing games occur in both halves of the game.

After the second half has started and the automatic ball placement has been deactivated, the game continues as smoothly as in the first half. However, TIGERs Mannheim manages to extend their lead with a second goal during the second half. Nevertheless, the ER-Force team represent a strong adversary. The game finally ends with a wonderful and well-deserved third goal by TIGERs Mannheim.

TIGERs Mannheim is the deserved winner of this tournament and receives its well-deserved trophy at a ceremony! This ends a wonderful tournament in which the teams were able to improve their game. Finally, there is only one thing left to say: See you all in Bordeaux!

RoboCup Crailsheim: ER-Force vs. LUHbots

After we were able to win all of the past games except that against our archenemy and good friend TIGERs Mannheim, we are now playing the game between place 2 (we) and place 3 LUHbots from Hanover.

The outcome of this game is crucial: if we can defend our second place, we’ll be in the starting eleven in the following game for the final. On the other hand, if we lose, we can only watch the game from the stands and LUHbots gets their chance. Accordingly, this game is exciting in every respect!

We were able to score a few goals right after the kick-off, so that by the end of the first half it was already 3-0 to ER-Force. After half-time, however, LUHbots were able to better defend their penalty area and the goal, making it increasingly difficult for us to score goals. Nevertheless, we were able to show our dominance as a long-established team and score another 4 goals, so that the game finally ended in our favor 7:0.

Overall, the game was beautiful to watch. It’s remarkable how much our friends from Hanover have attracted since the last RoboCup 2022. After all, LUHbots is a newly founded team that was only able to take part in a RoboCup! We can’t wait to play against this strong youth team again!

Nevertheless, with this victory and a swollen chest we are on our way to the ultimate game for the strongest team in Europe: ER-Force vs. TIGERs Mannheim at 5:00 p.m.

RoboCup Crailsheim: ER-Force vs. NAMeC

The next match against the French team NAMEC will start soon!

Unfortunately, after there were some problems with the ER Force radio and also the strategy of the French team (e.g. their goalkeeper could only defend our goal, but not their own), the game ended early after a penalty goal by the human referee and a legitimate goal by our robots: NAMeC forfeits!

Unfortunately, the game itself wasn’t all that worth seeing. In order to still enable an exciting and fulfilling gaming experience, especially for the spectators on site, the game between place 2 (ER-Force) and place 3 (LUHbots) was brought forward instead, so that this will take place directly afterwards!

For the die-hard fans, here is the link to the stream of the game ER-Force vs. NAMeC (increasingly peppered with cynical comments towards the end):

RoboCup Crailsheim: ER-Force vs. RoboTeam Twente

Now it’s time for the last match of the evening: ER-Force vs. RoboTeam Twente.

Between the matches, we tested all the robots, diligently continued working on the new robot, and fixed numerous bugs. Around 8:40 pm, we kick off the final game of the evening. With no spectators by now, we and RoboTeam Twente are sitting comfortably in the hall, sharing a pizza, and watching our robots navigate.

Despite the late hour, all participants could thoroughly enjoy the peaceful yet captivating game. At halftime, the score is already 6:0 in favor of ER-Force. The game flows smoothly, and we can cheer on the robots without significant interruptions. The effort has paid off, as all robots are moving largely flawlessly across the large field, allowing our team members to relax and watch the game.

During the second half, our team diligently fights against a RoboTeam Twente that has been getting stronger as the tournament progresses, scoring one goal after another. As a result, we can eventually decide the game prematurely with a 10:0 victory for ER-Force.