RoboCup: Immortals vs. ZJUNlict

Sunday starts with the match for the 3rd place between the German-Iranian team Immortals and the Chinese team ZJUNlict. Whoever wins this game will advance to the final and face the already qualified German team TIGERs Mannheim at 1:00 pm.

You can find the link to the live ticker as always on Twente’s YouTube platform or at this link.

First Half

05:00 The game is kicked off. Immortals is playing in yellow jerseys, ZJUNlict in blue.
04:46 And the first goal already falls: After a chip pass by ZJUNlict, a second robot takes a shot, and the ball rolls into the net: 0:1 for ZJUNlict.
Immortals 0 : 1 ZJUNlict
04:06 Dangerous situation in Immortals’ penalty area: ZJUNlict takes another shot on goal, but the Iranian goalkeeper is there to clear it out for a corner kick.
02:59 Currently, the game is clearly dominated by ZJUNlict, as expected.
01:53 Currently, nothing interesting is happening; the game is meandering a bit. A shot on Immortals’ goal, but the ball misses.
01:36 Attack by Immortals on ZJUNlict’s goal, but the bots can’t get through the wall of robots.
01:36 Timeout for ZJUNlict.
00:22 Strong attack by ZJUNlict, but the Immortals’ keeper holds it.
00:00 Thus ends a moderately interesting first half. ZJUNlict is leading, but the team’s performance hasn’t been outstanding.

Second Half

05:00 The second half begins, no sides or colors are swapped.
04:46 The game continues as it ended before halftime: ZJUNlict taking shots on goal, but they lack precision. Perhaps Immortals doesn’t want to reveal all their strategies, so they’re intentionally playing worse, or they’re heavily trained against TIGERs Mannheim. In any case, their play is not as strong as in previous matches.
04:16 And now it’s 2:0 for ZJUNlict. Triggered again by a pass, the goal scorer can comfortably turn in front of Immortals’ goal, and the defense closes the gaps too late.
Immortals 0 : 2 ZJUNlict
04:16 Immortals utilizes their power play of 11 to 10 to launch an attack on ZJUNlict’s goal, yet they still can’t break through the Chinese defense.
04:14 Currently, the second goal is being discussed, as it seems to be a chip kick. In my opinion, the chip kick is under 15 cm and thus valid, but the final decision lies with the referee.
03:11 And another goal for ZJUNlict. But the ball seems to have been too fast, so the goal doesn’t count. It remains 0:2 for ZJUNlict.
02:41 But now: Directly from the center, one of the ZJUNlict bots shoots towards Immortals’ goal, and the keeper can’t hold it: 0:3 for ZJUNlict.
Immortals 0 : 3 ZJUNlict
02:16 Lots of shots on goal, but again off target. As mentioned before, ZJUNlict’s performance in this match is not at its peak.
02:04 And another goal: ZJUNlict is solidifying its lead.
Immortals 0 : 4 ZJUNlict
02:04 Timeout, this time for Immortals. Personally, I don’t believe they can make a significant comeback against ZJUNlict.
01:45 No, the timeout didn’t change much: 0:5 for ZJUNlict.
Immortals 0 : 5 ZJUNlict
01:35 After the kickoff, a direct attack on ZJUNlict’s goal, but they manage to clear the ball out of Immortals’ goal area.
00:18 Only a few seconds left on the clock. But that doesn’t stop ZJUNlict from scoring another goal, making it 0:6!
Immortals 0 : 6 ZJUNlict
00:00 And thus, the game ends with a clear lead for ZJUNlict. Although the Chinese team is very strong, they objectively haven’t impressed much: they’re likely holding back for the match against TIGERs Mannheim and want to keep their strategy secret?