RoboCup: KIKS vs. RoboDragons

The last game before ours is between the two teams KIKS and RoboDragons. The favorite here is RoboDragons, which is currently among the top four teams this year, along with Immortals, TIGERs Mannheim, and ZJUNlict.

You can find the link to the live ticker as always on the YouTube platform of Twente or under this link.

First Half

05:00 The game starts on time, KIKS play in blue, RoboDragons in yellow.
03:43 The first few seconds of the game start rather calmly, the ball moves on both sides, but there are no truly dangerous situations. Still relatively smooth so far.
03:04 Audible crashes of the robots from RoboDragons, without fouls being indicated, meaning the robots are crashing into each other, not their opponents. Perhaps a flawed rule? Or rather a poor strategy?
02:30 The underdog KIKS scores a goal! One of the bots passes from the corner towards the center, only for the receiving player to volley the ball directly towards the goal and scores. Unfortunately, the goal does not seem to count, presumably because the ball is too fast.
01:47 Very dangerous situation in KIKS’ half! A very hot ball is shot towards the goal by one of the Dragons, but unfortunately not on target.
00:31 After some ball placements, there’s a phase of very fluid play, but no really dangerous situation arises.
-00:05 Thus, the first half ends after only 14 minutes. A very nice and fluid game, even though there were only two serious goal situations. However, it’s noticeable that neither of the two teams is playing at the level of TIGERs, Immortals, or ZJUNlict.

Second Half

05:00 The second half continues, the teams still play on the same side and with the same jersey colors.
02:44 The game is very fluid, but not much is happening currently. The initial assessment that RoboDragons would be the better team is not confirmed at the moment.
02:44 The commentator is confused: When was a goal scored??? It magically shows 0:1, and I have no idea why.
KIKS 1 : 0 RoboDragons
00:09 The ball is moving around in one half, then the other half, but neither of the two teams has finishing power.
-00:23 After only 30 real minutes, the game is already over. It wasn’t really exciting now, neither of the two teams had a really good attack, but at least it was extremely fluid.