RoboCup: Review 1. Match Day

The day started rather disappointingly: Instead of a nice match to begin with, our game against the Iranian-German team, Immortals, was far from impressive. There are initially many reasons for this: Mechanical plates, in particular, keep breaking, leading to many robots malfunctioning.

However, by the next match, there will be improvements, making outages due to mechanical damage rarer. Instead, now the electronics are starting to fail: Motorboards are dying here and there. Additionally, the HBC radio is not working for unknown reasons. We’re sure something isn’t quite right in our software and firmware stackup. After all, the HBC radio worked brilliantly at the fair.

Nevertheless, the second game isn’t too impressive either, although somewhat better. Our hardware team is now idle as all hardware defects have been completely fixed, and the outages are solely due to the radio and hence our firmware. Accordingly, we’re assisting our Dutch friends, Twente, and trying to get their robots up and running.

In the end, we can finish the day with some good news: A firmware bug is found, causing radio issues. Once this is fixed, the radio performance significantly improves, although there are still some packet losses. Our firmware team is now going into the night shift to find more bugs in our own code. The rest of the team is emotionally preparing for tomorrow’s match against the formidable opponent, ZJUNlict.

ZJUNlict had a test match against TIGERs Mannheim in the evening and lost the game 1:0, which, against TIGERs Mannheim, is not only noteworthy but also resulted from a trivial and entirely avoidable own goal by the goalkeeper. Both teams were evenly matched, even though TIGERs seemed to have a slight edge subjectively.

Therefore, we’re already looking forward to our game tomorrow at 09:00 AM, concluding today’s reporting.