RoboCup: ER-Force vs. ZJUNlict

At exactly 09:00 AM, the tournament continues with its second day, and our match ER-Force vs. ZJUNlict. After ZJUNlict arrived yesterday afternoon due to VISA issues, their first game against Immortals initially seemed as if they couldn’t match their previous performances in past tournaments. However, after their test match against TIGERs Mannheim in the evening, it was clear to everyone: Those were just initial hiccups, ZJUNlict is playing at a world-class level. Accordingly, we’re eagerly anticipating today’s match.

You can find the livestream of the game as usual on RoboTeam Twente’s YouTube platform, as well as at this link.

First Half

05:00 The game starts in half an hour. Currently, the field is being vacuumed to avoid any disturbances from lint. There’s little visibility of the lines on the field, but fortunately, this only affects humans: The robot software has already been calibrated to the lines before the tournament, so no further adjustments are needed.
05:00 A beetle just crawled into our Robot 2, but no one seems to care. Looks like the hardware still has a bug.
05:00 ER-Force is playing with their white robots as the yellow team, and ZJUNlict is the blue team.
05:00 The game is kicked off with a 23-minute delay.
04:59 And a timeout for ZJUNlict right away. They seem to be facing hardware issues.
04:15 At least the game is running. However, neither of the teams is shining currently. Both teams seem to be having some issues with the radio communication.
03:43 Attack on the Erlangen goal, but our goalkeeper can hold it.
03:36 Expected goal by ZJUNlict. Our goalkeeper seems to be having radio communication problems, as he’s not moving at all.
03:36 Timeout for ER-Force, looks like they’re replacing robots, probably hoping to improve the radio signal for the goalkeeper. The goal has personnel consequences: A new goalkeeper is brought in, the old one is now getting a talking-to. Additionally, the new goalkeeper is being tested thoroughly.
03:36 Actually, apparently no goal! The ball was shot too quickly, so lucky break for us!
02:58 Right now, the game seems to look better, ER-Force bots can actually attack. However, the shot on the opponent’s goal is saved by their keeper, a bit clumsy though.
02:30 Currently, the game is more in the half of ZJUNlict. There are even passes now.
01:54 Apparently, there’s another discussion with ZJUNlict, which is why the game is currently not continuing.
01:54 ZJUNlict seems to have used a challenge flag, meaning they have questioned the referee’s decision. Background: Since we messed up ball placement too many times, we’re not allowed to do any more ball placements, and ZJUNlict will handle all ball placements instead. If they succeed, they get to kick off in any case, even if they kicked the ball out, otherwise, the team that didn’t kick out will kick off. There were apparently incidents during the ball placement, which resulted in ZJUNlict receiving a yellow card. They are now disputing this decision.
01:22 ZJUNlict has collected enough fouls, so they now have a yellow card. This card is active for 2 minutes. During the yellow card period, the team can have one less robot than the normal limit (11). However, since both teams are currently only using 7 robots, the yellow card has no real impact.
00:59 Attack on the Erlangen goal, but the ball can be cleared via a corner kick.
00:12 Our robot actually wins a duel against ZJUNlict, which is a good performance given their drill-like dribbler. But the following attack goes nowhere because our robot can’t control the ball.
00:00 Halftime, it’s 0:0. Towards the end, the game became somewhat more interesting, although it still doesn’t reach the level of quality we hope for. Both teams still seem to have significant hardware issues.

Second Half

05:00 The second half starts with a timeout for ZJUNlict.
05:00 Good kick-off by ER-Force, unfortunately not further capitalized, so the ball is held by ZJUNlict.
04:35 By now, the game is somewhat fluid, although the real excitement is missing. Here and there, double passes can be seen, overall the robots are playing quite confidently again.
04:08 Robot 12 (Lasagne) is causing problems in our goal, so it’s taken out briefly but then placed back on the field.
04:01 Timeout by ZJUNlict. With this timeout, ZJUNlict has used up all their minutes, so they are not allowed to take any more timeouts until the end of the game. Each team gets 5 minutes of timeout during the game and can split these into 4 timeouts.
03:40 Very dangerous situation for us: A shot on goal by a ZJUNlict robot, and our goalkeeper doesn’t react. Luckily, the shot goes just wide of the goal, but that could have been the decision maker. Maybe we should put an old robot in goal?
03:07 Another attack on our goal, but this time it’s saved. How long can we hold on?
02:28 The game is dragging a bit, not much exciting happening at the moment.
01:23 Self-inflicted goal. Attack from the side, but fortunately, the ball stays in the penalty area. However, instead of chipping it away, our goalkeeper slowly rolls the ball into the mouth of an opposing goalkeeper, who gratefully accepts this gift and converts it into a goal.
ER-Force 0 : 1 ZJUNlict
01:15 Unbelievable! An own goal by us a few seconds later! ZJUNlict contributed to this, as they naively dribbled with their kicker instead of just chipping it away. This is how the own goal in yesterday’s game TIGERs vs. ZJUNlict happened: Keeper dribbles, loses the ball, and it rolls into the goal due to spin.
ER-Force 1 : 1 ZJUNlict
01:01 Just let it roll through, that was the motto of our robots. Instead of stopping the ball, it rolls past all our bots towards the goal, but at least our goalkeeper decides to clear it with a chip kick.
00:34 After the game had been dragging on for a few minutes, there’s now a successful counterattack by ZJUNlict following a throw-in by ER-Force. The ball rolls successfully into the goal, so it’s likely to be 2:0.
ER-Force 1 : 2 ZJUNlict
00:34 Apparently, the goal is still being discussed, as ZJUNlict might have dribbled too far, which would be against the rules. Funny thing: Our team isn’t discussing it; we seem to have already accepted the goal. The discussion is only between the referees. In the end, the goal is accepted.
00:21 Another shot on goal, but this time the ball is moving at 7 m/s, which is too fast. The maximum allowed is 6 m/s.
00:00 Thus, the game ends. It wasn’t really beautiful, but not as ugly as the two games yesterday either. There’s certainly still plenty of room for improvement.