RoboCup: ZJUNlict vs. RoboDragons

The second game of the day is ZJUNlict vs. RoboDragons. The clear favorite here is ZJUNlict, although they had some issues with their robots here and there. You can find the link to the live ticker as always on Twente’s YouTube platform or at this link

First Half

05:00 The game starts with a half-hour delay. ZJUNlict is in yellow, RoboDragons in blue.
04:33 Shot on goal by ZJUNlict, but the ball was at 7.2 m/s, clearly too fast, the limit is 6 m/s. Therefore, it remains 0-0
04:26 Counterattack by RoboDragons, but the ZJUNlict goalkeeper clears with a chip kick. Maybe the game will be more exciting than expected.
03:43 Many game situations in the midfield and the RoboDragons’ half; the game is running very smoothly so far. ZJUNlict’s dribbler is as expected ridiculously good; apparently, they use almost no dribbler damping and consider this a secret to their success.
02:53 Very dangerous situation in RoboDragons’ field. Only a few millimeters were missing for a goal, but the goalkeeper can clear at the last second. Let’s see how long that holds up; the dominance of ZJUNlict is clearly recognizable.
02:53 RoboDragons now take a timeout.
02:12 Currently, the game is meandering along; there are no real eye-catchers at the moment.
01:17 Attacks on both sides, but both teams have been able to clear so far.
00:16 Not much of the initial dominance can be seen at the moment. A very dangerous situation in ZJUNlict’s half, but it remains without consequences.
00:00 And so it goes into halftime without any goals. While RoboDragons have been impressive, showing significant progress compared to previous years, ZJUNlict disappoints: Instead of strong dominance, fast play, and clever use of their dribbler, there are many missed passes and defensive maneuvers in their own half. However, ZJUNlict is a wildcard; they showed excellent performances in the two test matches against TIGERs Mannheim (unfortunately not recorded).

Second Half

05:00 The game continues with the second half; neither team colors nor sides have changed.
04:42 And now, finally, the first goal is scored, as expected by ZJUNlict.
ZJUNlict 1 : 0 RoboDragons
03:40 The game is meandering along again. RoboDragons now take another lengthy timeout.
03:30 And another timeout by RoboDragons; the game is a bit sluggish right now.
02:32 While RoboDragons isn’t achieving much right now, ZJUNlict isn’t shining either.
02:14 At least there was another shot on RoboDragons’ goal, although a bit lackluster. It’s not going to be a 2-0 like this!
01:03 After the game was very sluggish for a long time, things are moving forward again now. But the shot on RoboDragon’s goal is too weak, and the goalkeeper can save it.
00:47 Timeout for ZJUnlict.
00:31 Brief moment of shock: It rattles in ZJUNlict’s goal. But it was either Ball Placement or Double Touch. In any case, the goal doesn’t count, and it remains 1-0 for ZJUNlict.
-00:08 One last exciting situation in ZJUNlict’s half: After an unsuccessful clearance from ZJUNlict’s robot from their corner, RoboDragons win the ball and make one final attempt on goal, but the keeper can save it. Thus, the game ends 1-0 for ZJUNlict.
00:00 Overall, RoboDragons delivered a very good performance. ZJUNlict, on the other hand, was disappointing; much more was expected. There weren’t too many attacks, and they couldn’t shine in ball and passing control.