RoboCup: ZJUNlict vs. TIGERs Mannheim

Directly following our match, one of the most exciting games of the entire tournament is coming up: TIGERs versus ZJUNlict. Although both teams are likely to face each other again, we can expect a game of very high quality.

You can find the link to the live ticker as always on Twente’s YouTube platform or at this link.

First Half

05:00 The game starts at 17:08 with a 7-minute delay. TIGERs in blue, ZJUNlict in yellow.
04:14 Immediate intense situation in front of ZJUNlict’s goal. Great move by Mannheim, but ZJUNlict’s keeper clears with a very strong chip kick.
02:52 Currently, the game is mainly taking place in ZJUNlict’s half, but that doesn’t mean ZJUNlict is weaker: the defense is leaving little room for creative attacks, and the passes are spot on.
02:35 The game is as exciting as expected.
01:52 Extremely long and intense game, which is mostly in ZJUNlict’s half.
01:26 Another very heated attack by TIGERs, which has been the stronger team so far. The ball ends up out of the field and into my hands, but somehow the ref doesn’t seem to notice it’s missing…
01:14 With this pressing, it was bound to happen eventually: GOAL for Mannheim, 1:0!
TIGERs Mannheim 1 : 0 ZJUNlict
00:05 First an attack on TIGERs’ goal, which could have been dangerous, but TIGERs simply bombards the opponent with a swarm of robots, leaving them no chance. ZJUNlict’s keeper barely manages to save TIGERs’ counter. He kicks it away again with questionable distance, they might want to check if that exceeds the maximum ball speed.
00:00 After just 11 minutes, the first half is already over, and the five-minute halftime break is due. The short playing time shows the high quality of this match.

Second Half

05:00 The halftime break is over, and the second half begins. Let’s see how the second half unfolds. We can hardly wait!
05:00 TIGERs continues in blue, ZJUNlict in yellow, but the teams switch halves of the field.
05:00 Timeout for ZJUNlict. Let’s see what they’ve got up their sleeves!
04:45 Once again, the ball was kicked out, likely by ZJUNlict. As this was recognized as a foul by TIGERs, not by ZJUNlict, TIGERs are questioning it. Reason: TIGERs had already committed 2 fouls, and the 3rd foul results in a yellow card, which means a robot has to leave the field. It would be quite something if the yellow card ends up not being attributed to TIGERs at all.
03:40 ZJUNlict was close, but he took too much time in front of the penalty area, allowing the “mob of TIGERs” to be in position and successfully thwart him.
03:08 TIGERs have to make a substitution.
03:08 Another timeout for ZJUNlict, looks like some code changes are happening again.
02:47 After a prolonged duel, the ball chips into the goal, but it’s clearly too high, so the goal doesn’t count.
01:36 Interesting battle in ZJUNlict’s half, but the ball eventually goes out.
01:31 ZJUNlict has to make a substitution after some of their robots make mistakes. They use their third timeout for this.
01:13 Initially, the ball is in TIGERs Mannheim’s half, but their robot successfully prevails against two bots from ZJUNlict. The ensuing intense counterattack by TIGERs, with many close ball exchanges, is spectacularly converted, and it’s now a well-deserved 2:0 lead for TIGERs Mannheim.
TIGERs Mannheim 2 : 0 ZJUNlict
00:18 The only truly dangerous situation for TIGERs in this game: ZJUNlict’s robot takes a shot at the goal, but luckily, the ball bounces off TIGERs’ keeper and is cleared to the side.
-00:57 The overtime is ended when the ball naturally goes out. An overtime of 57 seconds shows just how incredibly fluid this game was. But everything has an end, and not only is a wheel distributed on the field, which would have led to the final whistle, but the ball also goes out of play.
00:00 Thus, a beautiful game has come to an end. Looking back, TIGERs clearly dominated, yet ZJUNlict was no less dangerous. We’re already looking forward to the next encounter, as we currently expect ZJUNlict, who now drops to the Lower Bracket, to mow down every team there, and thus, just like TIGERs, advance to the finals.