RoboCup 2022 – ER Force vs Twente

We clearly won the game against RoboTeam Twente 5:0.

We are delighted with this further victory and hope that we can continue to improve on this performance. We still have some technical issues that we hope to improve in the next few hours..

Our next game is tomorrow (Thursday) at 12:00 p.m. (Germany: 07:00 a.m.).
We’re playing against Robo Team Twente, who are kind enough to livestream and commentate on all matches.

live stream:

Live ticker

0′ Kick-off at 12:15 p.m.

1′ Twente’s AI crashed. ER Force scores a goal.

2′ Goal for ER-Force, unfortunately the ball was shot too fast.

4′ Goal for ER Force.


5′ Goal for ER Force.

6′ Goal for ER Force.
Goal for ER Force.

7′ ER-Force 6 falls over after a crash.

The game ends 5:0.