RoboCup 2022 – ER-Force VS RoboDragons

The first game against RoboDragons is over. Unfortunately we couldn’t win the game with a 0:0 draw. After some radio problems we were able to deliver a solid game. Now it’s back to fixing bugs, testing and repairing robots.

Our next game is today at 12:00 local time (Germany 7:00) against KIKS. (Live stream: RoboCup 2022 – Day 1: ER-Force vs KIKS – YouTube)

Live ticker

0′: Kick-off at 9:13. RoboDragons times out and is already trading robots.

1′ Both teams failed to place the ball for the throw-in, so the referee had to take over.

2′ RoboDragons have to swap a robot again.
ER-Force scores a goal, but it doesn’t count because the ball was touched twice.

3′ Two bots crash into each other. Both teams get a yellow card.
RoboDragons exchanges another robot.
Er-Force Shoots straight into the out.

4′ ER-Force has a chance to score, but unfortunately it didn’t work.
Er-Force takes out robot 7 because he doesn’t drive anymore.

5′ ER-Force 7 comes back into play.
RoboDragons and ER-Force get a yellow card because the robots drove into each other too fast.
The 7 from ER-Force doesn’t drive again.
The 6 from ER-Force also has to go out for a moment, but it’s back in immediately.
ER-Force gets another yellow card.

6′ ER-Force dribbled too far, RoboDragons get a free kick.
Er-Force gets a yellow card and has to take a bot off the field. At the same time, a goal is scored, but it doesn’t count because ER-Force still has too many bots on the field.

7′ RoboDragons shoot wide, ER-Force throw in. ER-Force also shoots out. RoboDragons have throw-in.

8′ Multiple throw-ins for RoboDragons because ER-Force kicks wide.
ER-Force Dribbling too far, free kick for RoboDragons.

9′ ER-Force dribbles the ball too far and gets another yellow card.

10′ The match ends 0:0