RoboCup 2022 – ER-Force VS KIKS

We were able to win the second game against KIKS with a 2:0. We were able to partially solve our wireless problems by repositioning the wireless module. Overall, we’re quite happy with the game, even if there are a few things that need to be improved.

Our next game starts in a few minutes. Here you can follow the development live.

Live ticker

0′ Kick-off at 12:13. ER-Force is still struggling to place the ball.
Unfortunately, the shot on goal went wide. ER-Force places the ball again.
Corner for ER Force. Goal for ER-Force after a corner kick.

1′ Goal for ER Force. Unfortunately, the shot was too fast.

2′ Both teams fail to place the ball

3′ KIKS can’t get out of their half because ER-Force blocks all passes. Unfortunately, ER-Force often fails. ER-Force 4 needs repairs, but was put right back in.

4′ nice moves, but unfortunately no goal.


5′ Passing works well, only chance conversion can be improved.

7′ ER-Force must fix the 6. TOR for ER Force

9′ ER-Force has a shot on goal, but it is saved by KIKS.

The game ends 0:2