RoboCup: Immortals vs. KIKS

After our game lasted for one and a half hours, the next game, Immortals vs. KIKS, follows directly. You can find the link on Twente’s YouTube page or at this link

The outcome of this game determines whether we are displaced to the fourth place. If KIKS loses the game, we will remain temporarily and presumably in the 3rd place (theoretically, we could also be displaced to the fourth place in the game ZJUNlict vs. KIKS, but we expect that ZJUNlict will win this game decisively). In case of a draw or a win, however, KIKS displaces us, at least due to their better goal difference.

First Half

05:00 The game is kicked off with a slight delay, Immortals playing with 8 robots as the yellow team, KIKS with 9 robots as the blue team.
04:03 Not much exciting is happening during the game, the robots often just wobble a bit. Immortals now takes a timeout to check their robots.
03:37 Although the game is on the quieter side, it’s more enjoyable to watch than our game against ZJUNlict. Only the frequent long breaks are a bit annoying.
02:52 Short attacking session after a very quiet game, but the attack doesn’t lead to anything.
01:33 Many exciting ball exchanges and duels in KIKS’ half of the field. They can hold their own against Immortals for a long time, but eventually, the goal is scored: 1-0 for Immortals!
Immortals 1 : 0 KIKS
01:27 And again, the game stands still… The frequent interruptions are disruptive; the actual game looks quite nice.
00:35 Back and forth in midfield, but no real results come from it.
00:00 Thus, the first half ends. Overall, Immortals dominates the game, but neither of the teams could shine through with technology or AI. Let’s see how the second half will be. If the game ends in favor of Immortals, we will stay in our group’s third place; in case of a draw, KIKS will displace us to the 4th place due to their better goal difference.

Second Half

05:00 The second half continues directly with a shot on goal by Immortals, but the ball hits the outside of the goal.
03:46 The game is currently so sluggish and slow that it’s not fun to watch. The audience has noticed this too, which is why there are fewer and fewer spectators.
03:46 Endless minutes have passed, but not a single second in the game. Overall, the current situation can be summarized concisely with the following sentence: Incredibly boring.
03:25 Why is it always me when the ball is shot out of the field? In general, such shots happen very frequently in this RoboCup, so it’s dangerous to live close to the field. Additionally, the robots seem to be losing parts.
02:07 A goal is scored for Immortals. How, no idea; the attention span of most people has already been exhausted.
Immortals 2 : 0 KIKS
00:00 Somehow, we survived it; the game is finally over. Towards the end, it even went quite fast, but the damage was already done: a boring game. The good thing for us is that KIKS lost, and we remain in the 3rd place, at least for now.