BuGa 2023: ER-Force vs. Immortals

And once again, a game was supposed to take place, this time ER-Force vs. Immortals, but once again the game ends 10:0, this time in our favor, as Immortals is still absent.

Adding to the travel issues via airplane, it seems there’s now a traffic jam on the highway, which means the team will arrive even later. Luckily for them, the next game at 4:00 PM is between TIGERs Mannheim and RoboTeam Twente, giving Immortals until 5:30 PM to arrive and at least partially prepare their robots.

Due to our “victory,” we currently place ourselves in the first position in the table with 6 points and a goal difference of 12, directly followed by TIGERs Mannheim with 6 points and a goal difference of 11. However, we strongly anticipate that TIGERs will change the order at 4:00 PM, as the probability of them losing the game is overwhelming.

Accordingly, it seems we’ll finish the group phase in the second position on the table, setting us up for the second semifinal game tomorrow at 12:30 PM, while TIGERs already have to play at 11:00 AM.

Let’s hope Immortals arrives on time to prepare for their 5:30 PM game and can adequately prepare for their match against RoboTeam Twente. If they manage to win that one, we’ll still have the opportunity to face them in the tournament tomorrow.