BuGa 2023: TIGERs Mannheim vs. RoboTeam Twente

Soon the fifth and penultimate game of the day between TIGERs Mannheim and the Dutch team RoboTeam Twente will start. To be honest, we’re expecting a massacre with a clear victory for Mannheim.

First Half

05:00 Once again, the game is delayed by a few minutes, but this is hardly noticeable as the president of DHBW Mannheim gives a brief speech and introduction to the SSL League and our robots. It’s evident that he’s well-versed in the subject matter, and the introduction to our league and its challenges was very knowledgeable.
05:00 And again, the game starts with a timeout for Twente, but TIGERs gracefully passes the time with some dances, songs, and maneuvers, much to the delight of the spectators.
05:00 With about fifteen minutes, the game is finally kicked off, with TIGERs having the kickoff as the blue team.
04:49 Things heat up immediately, and TIGERs scores a goal, but apparently, the Dutch have luck on their side, as one of their robots touches the ball in their own penalty area just before it rolls into the goal, nullifying the goal.
04:39 Another strong situation in Twente’s penalty area, but once again, the Dutch have luck. However, this luck is unlikely to last forever.
04:20 This time, though! At first, it seems like bad luck as TIGERs loses the ball. But they quickly clear the situation in their favor and finish with a shot on goal. Initially, the goalkeeper seems to save, but then he turns the ball into his own goal!
TIGERs Mannheim 1 : 0 RoboTeam Twente
03:54 And again! Another goal directly by TIGERs Mannheim, making it 2:0 now!
TIGERs Mannheim 2 : 0 RoboTeam Twente
03:03 Another hot shot, but one of the Dutch robots clears through a foul: He positions himself in the defense area and defends with his body.
02:57 However, the defense doesn’t hold for long, another goal by TIGERs!
TIGERs Mannheim 3 : 0 RoboTeam Twente
02:25 The Twente goalkeeper, the strongest man on the team. He can actually prevent goals quite confidently, even though he may face minor mistakes and the dominance of TIGERs, he won’t see the sun in the long run.
01:42 Good ball exchanges and nice duels, mostly in Twente’s half. But in the end, as in most of this game, it happens: a goal for TIGERs!
TIGERs Mannheim 4 : 0 RoboTeam Twente
01:09 Now TIGERs steps up! Another goal by the Mannheim team!
TIGERs Mannheim 5 : 0 RoboTeam Twente
00:48 And again… a goal for TIGERs, the celebrated devastation is in full swing, the team firmly in the grip of the Tiger’s jaws.
TIGERs Mannheim 6 : 0 RoboTeam Twente
00:11 For a while, the ball was even in Mannheim’s half, but then, as always, it goes as expected: TIGERs can regain possession of the ball and tighten the noose even further. Eventually, TIGERs increases the lead to 7 goals.
TIGERs Mannheim 7 : 0 RoboTeam Twente

Second Half

05:00 The second half starts directly with a penalty for TIGERs, as it seems Twente committed a foul at the end of the first half (again, a Twente robot touched the ball in the penalty area).
04:53 And TIGERs naturally converts the penalty, extending their lead to 8 goals.
TIGERs Mannheim 8 : 0 RoboTeam Twente
04:37 And immediately, the next goal. Now only one more is needed to end the game prematurely.
TIGERs Mannheim 9 : 0 RoboTeam Twente
04:14 And with that, the game ends prematurely: TIGERs scores the last goal of the match and secures the top spot in the group.
TIGERs Mannheim 10 : 0 RoboTeam Twente