BuGa 2023: TIGERs Mannheim vs. RoboTeam Twente

After the group stage concludes with the last game between Immortals and RoboTeam Twente on Saturday evening, today’s day begins with the first semifinal match between the first and fourth-placed teams: TIGERs Mannheim vs. RoboTeam Twente.

Without wanting to speculate too much, we already assume that TIGERs Mannheim will easily win against RoboTeam Twente. Yesterday, the Mannheim team pretty much dominated our friends from the Netherlands, so everyone expects a very one-sided game.

First Half

05:00 The game will be kicked off soon.
05:00 As has become usual, this game is also starting with a delay. The time is being filled for the spectators by explaining the robots and the rules.
05:00 With an 8-minute delay, it’s finally underway. TIGERs in blue, RoboTeam Twente in yellow.
04:44 First shot on goal by TIGERs, but it doesn’t hit the target yet.
04:14 Well defended by the Twente goalkeeper! That could have been the first goal of the day, but the Dutch goalkeeper shines once again. However, there are problems with Twente outfield players touching the robot in their penalty area.
04:08 Now, however: TIGERs takes a shot, and it’s a goal! The score is now 1:0!
TIGERs Mannheim 1 : 0 RoboTeam Twente
03:35 Beautiful passing by TIGERs in Twente’s half. You can tell that they have excellent ball control and precision in their passes. Eventually, TIGERs is rewarded: 2:0 for Mannheim!
TIGERs Mannheim 2 : 0 RoboTeam Twente
03:00 After some discussions about a penalty for TIGERs and a ball placement by RoboTeam Twente, unfortunately, the Dutch player messes up the shot, and TIGERs gains the upper hand. Naturally, Mannheim doesn’t waste time and increases the lead to 3:0!
TIGERs Mannheim 3 : 0 RoboTeam Twente
02:33 And another goal by Mannheim right away! The game is primarily taking place in the Dutch half, but it’s good to watch.
TIGERs Mannheim 4 : 0 RoboTeam Twente
02:16 With full commitment, the players from RoboTeam Twente are doing everything to keep the ball away from the goal, even if they have to commit a foul to do so. This makes the game quite watchable, as it’s not a complete blowout.
01:56 The Dutch can defend well for a long time, with several attempts on their goal. But in the end, the Mannheim team manages to get past the goalkeeper and convert a shot into a goal! Twente is now also replacing a robot.
TIGERs Mannheim 5 : 0 RoboTeam Twente
01:31 It might sound like a massacre here, considering that TIGERs now extends the lead to 6 goals. Nevertheless, the Dutch are doing very well. While they can’t break through in attack against TIGERs, they’re doing their human—or rather, robot—best to keep the goal safe. Definitely the best game from RoboTeam Twente this year!
TIGERs Mannheim 6 : 0 RoboTeam Twente
01:14 Still, it’s as it is: a game against the world champions. And so, TIGERs directly increases the lead to 7 goals!
TIGERs Mannheim 7 : 0 RoboTeam Twente
01:05 Correction: 8-goal lead.
TIGERs Mannheim 8 : 0 RoboTeam Twente
00:40 The Twente robots position themselves well in the shooting lanes of the Mannheim team, making it not so easy for them to get a good shooting angle. Sometimes, they even lose the ball, but eventually, another goal for Mannheim! Now they’re only one away from ending the game early in this half.
TIGERs Mannheim 9 : 0 RoboTeam Twente
00:20 Ghost goal for Twente! Although the ball, along with the entire RoboTeam Twente, is actually in the half of TIGERs Mannheim and even in front of the goal, there was definitely no shot on it, just a small skirmish with a few crashes. Nevertheless, a goal in Mannheim’s goal was briefly recognized, and as a result, the AI referee briefly decided it was a goal for Twente! But of course, only briefly.
00:14 Indeed! 14 seconds before the end, TIGERs finally manages to score the tenth goal of the game and thus end it early.
TIGERs Mannheim 10 : 0 RoboTeam Twente
00:00 With that, TIGERs advances to the final as expected, and unfortunately, Twente is eliminated from the tournament. Nevertheless, there’s no reason to be sad: The improvement of the Dutch undoubtedly culminated in this game, which was also very short, lasting only 20 minutes!