RoboCup 2023: RoboTeam Twente vs. Immortals

And now the last game begins: RoboTeam Twente vs. Immortals. Yes, you heard it right: Immortals made it to the tournament!

About an hour after their arrival, Immortals now have the chance to show what they’re capable of. If Immortals win the game, they will face us in the semifinals tomorrow at 12:30 PM; otherwise, we won’t have an official match against them during the tournament.

First Half

05:00 The game starts with a delay of about 10 minutes. Twente plays as the blue team in a purple and white kit, while Immortals is the yellow team in their classic black kit.
04:21 Immortals has already received a yellow card for three consecutive fouls, reducing them to play with only 5 robots. Currently, there are only 4 robots on the field for Immortals. The ball moves from one half to the other, but it’s mostly in Twente’s half.
04:00 After the Immortals robot pushed the ball into Twente’s penalty area and touched it there (which, as we know from Twente, is a foul), one of the Twente bots loses its topping: blind and without a color pattern, it stands on the field, and the game is stopped.
04:00 Immortals takes a timeout. They don’t seem as strong as in the RoboCup, but it’s worth noting that the Iranian exiled team hasn’t had much time to adapt their robots to the BuGa playing environment.
04:00 By now, Immortals has received two yellow cards, so they’re left with a maximum of 4 robots on the field. Both yellow cards still have nearly their full 2 minutes on the clock, mostly due to crashes.
03:54 Now a yellow card for Twente as well. Surprisingly, this also affects the Dutch since they previously had all 6 robots on the field.
03:18 Lack of Progress between a Twente and Immortals bot. Well, the Twente bot didn’t even move and was consequently taken out of the game.
03:14 Presumed goal for Immortals, but the ball is moving at a noteworthy speed of 7.1 m/s, which is significantly above the allowed 6.5 m/s.
03:14 So far, this game has been the toughest of all, as there’s no flow due to the many fouls, despite the absence of an out rule. Admittedly, this was also the most challenging team pairing during the RoboCup.
02:12 Two more fouls by Immortals, as the ball’s speed was again too high at 7.2 m/s and 7.1 m/s. It’s a shame because the second shot was on target. It must be mentioned in their defense that Immortals hasn’t had time to calibrate their robots for this playing environment.
01:39 After a short Cola-kisses-Orange session (Immortals’ version of ball placement), the game continues, with both teams officially back to 6 robots. However, currently, there are only 3 Twente bots and 4 Immortals on the field.
-01:00 The last two and a half minutes were quite watchable, with the ball moving consistently across the field. However, attacks were primarily directed at the Dutch goal, but the goalkeeper managed to keep it solid until the end. He’s the standout robot for Twente in this game, as most others are just motionless on the field.
00:00 The first half ends with a game interruption, tied, and we’ll see you in five minutes for the second half.

Second Half

05:00 The second half starts right away. Twente now has 5 robots, just like Immortals.
04:47 Immortals immediately with a hot attack on the goal. The ball ends up in the net, but it exceeded the maximum allowed height of 15 cm before entering the goal, so the goal doesn’t count. Balls are not allowed to exceed a certain height when entering the goal, as otherwise, the opposing goalkeeper wouldn’t have a chance to defend it.
04:08 A missed chance for Immortals. Even though their robot had the ball right in front of them and at the edge of the Dutch penalty area, it didn’t take a shot. Instead, it gave the goalkeeper and a defender enough time to defuse the situation.
03:56 Another successful shot by Immortals on the second attempt: after the first shot didn’t work, a second robot takes another shot and scores. However, there’s a debate about this goal as well: if the goalkeeper touches the ball and successfully shoots it back forward, attackers are allowed to take a new shot. However, if the ball continues moving towards the goal despite hitting the goalkeeper, meaning it only rebounds off the goalkeeper, a second shot is not allowed. Whether the relevant angle of 90°, which separates these two cases, has been reached or not, is currently being discussed. Decision: No goal, the angle was greater than 90°.
03:23 However, this time, Immortals finally manages to score the deserved goal. Relatively unspectacularly, one of their robots drives towards the goal while the Dutch defense stands still!
RoboTeam Twente 0 : 1 Immortals
03:18 Twente still can’t seem to manage proper kick-offs. Instead of kicking the ball, the robot pushes it a lot. According to the rules, the player is not allowed to touch the ball more than once consecutively after the kick-off. As a result, there’s now a yellow card for Twente, leaving them with 5 robots, while Immortals still has 5 as well.
01:48 By now, there are already two yellow cards for Twente and one for Immortals. However, this only truly affects Twente since Immortals already has no more than 5 robots.
01:26 Finally, something interesting is happening again, as most of the past hour wasn’t very exciting: Goal for Immortals.
RoboTeam Twente 0 : 2 Immortals
01:08 Actually, the pace is picking up a bit, another valid goal by Immortals!
RoboTeam Twente 0 : 3 Immortals
-00:08 The game ends with a robot melee in Immortals’ half, but nothing comes of it, and the game ends 3:0 for Immortals.
00:00 This game certainly wasn’t pleasant to watch, and it was definitely the most challenging of the entire tournament so far. While the sidelines generally significantly enhance the entertainment value of the games, it wasn’t enough to make this match enjoyable. However, thanks to the victory, we now have the opportunity to play against Immortals tomorrow.