BuGa 2023: Immortals vs. TIGERs Mannheim

Actually, the second game of the day between Immortals and TIGERs Mannheim is scheduled for 11:30 AM. However, unfortunately, Immortals are not even in Germany yet due to a delayed flight, and as a result, they automatically forfeit their match with a score of 10:0.

Very unfortunate, as Immortals are an extremely strong team, formerly Iranian and now German, which showcased a very impressive performance at RoboCup. Together with TIGERs Mannheim and us, they form a quite evenly matched group at this tournament, and predicting the outcome of the games between these teams is not trivial.

Let’s hope that Immortals can make it to their next game and can build on their successes from RoboCup!

RoboCup: Immortals vs. KIKS

Now we have the last game of the day between KIKS and Immortals. After their outstanding performance against TIGERs Mannheim, many teams seem to be cheering for Immortals. We also hope that Immortals will win.

You can find the link to the live ticker as always on Twente’s YouTube platform or at this link.

First Half

05:00 The game is kicked off. Immortals in yellow, KIKS in blue.
04:35 Immortals waste no time: Right after the kickoff, they rush forward towards the opponent’s goal. Then the shot on goal, which counts. It’s already 1:0 for Immortals after just 25 seconds.
Immortals 1 : 0 KIKS
04:27 KIKS gets the ball from the kickoff, but Immortals gets to it quicker than KIKS would’ve liked. And even worse: the ball is in the net faster than the opponent intended. It’s now 2:0 for Immortals.
Immortals 2 : 0 KIKS
04:08 Now a bit of play in Immortals’ half, but it doesn’t get really dangerous; the shots lack spice.
03:51 Another shot by Immortals on goal, but the ball lands just inches outside. Immortals is clearly dominating the game.
03:51 Timeout for KIKS.
03:22 Bold shot by Immortals towards KIKS, but of course, such a lackluster shot is blocked by KIKS.
03:10 Currently, Immortals is building a solid lead. After some passes, another goal for Immortals: It’s now 3:0.
Immortals 3 : 0 KIKS
02:18 Another good attack by Immortals, but this time without a proper finish: It remains 3:0.
01:32 Another attack on KIKS’ goal, but this time the keeper holds it.
01:07 Another goal by Immortals! After KIKS lost the ball in a duel, Immortals passes it to one of their attackers, who successfully finds the gap between the KIKS defenders.
Immortals 4 : 0 KIKS
00:54 Another timeout for KIKS.
-00:07 After some more ball exchanges, it’s halftime with several shots on goal and a score of 4:0 for Immortals.

Second Half

05:00 And the second half continues.
04:35 The second half continues much like the first ended: Goal for Immortals, it’s now 5:0.
Immortals 5 : 0 KIKS
03:51 Another goal, but this time different: After Immortals attacked KIKS’ goal, the ball rolls into the opponent’s penalty area. Instead of safely clearing it from there, the KIKS goalkeeper, on the other hand, scores an own goal: 5:0 for Immortals.
Immortals 6 : 0 KIKS
03:15 This time KIKS managed to defuse the situation: After a corner kick for Immortals, KIKS clears it out of bounds.
01:26 After the game was meandering a bit, another goal by Immortals eventually. Apparently, this goal doesn’t count, likely because the ball was shot too fast.
01:03 But this time it counts: After the shot from one side of the goal was not possible, the Immortals bot simply passes the ball to his teammate, who then takes a shot and increases the score to 7:0.
Immortals 7 : 0 KIKS
00:17 One last timeout by KIKS, although I doubt it will help them much at this point.
00:00 With this goal, the game essentially ends, and Immortals moves forward. Their next game will be against ZJUNlict, which is a very tough opponent.

RoboCup: ZJUNlict vs. Immortals

First Half

05:00 The game starts with a fifteen-minute delay, ZJUNlict in blue, Immortals in yellow.
03:08 Good shot on ZJUNlict’s goal, but the goalkeeper saves it.
02:40 Strong duels continue in ZJUNlict’s half. Overall, ZJUNlict is currently not meeting the performance expectations we had from their previous game quality.
01:55 Another powerful shot on ZJUNlict’s goal, again saved by the keeper.
00:55 For a change, an attack by ZJUNlict, but the Immortals’ goalkeeper makes the save.
00:44 Another beautiful attack on ZJUNlict’s goal.
00:00 And thus, the first half comes to an end. Looking back, it’s clear that the game was dominated by Immortals, and ZJUNlict has significantly declined since their last tournament participation.

Second Half

05:00 And so, the second half continues without changing sides or colors.
04:49 Attack on ZJUNlict’s goal, but the goalkeeper defends.
03:47 Minor duels in the vicinity of ZJUNlict’s penalty area, but without results.
03:10 Nice ball duels with no interruptions. But everything has an end, and the ball finally ends up in ZJUNlict’s goal out of bounds.
02:52 Very nice play across the entire field. Close passes to the sidelines, but the robots handle it well. Initially an attack by ZJUNlict on Immortals, but then the tables turn, and there’s almost a goal for Immortals! Fortunately for ZJUNlict, the ball is cleared out of bounds.
00:45 The second half is meandering along. No real attacks, the ball is sometimes in ZJUNlict’s half, sometimes in Immortals’, but it always ends up out of bounds instead of leading to a goal attempt.
00:30 Immortals shoots the ball over the sideline boards. Also, screws are occasionally found on the field, likely from Immortals.
-00:07 A final hot attack, indeed from ZJUNlict, after a pass from one side of the field to the other. But the goalkeeper makes the save, and the game ends 0:0.