RoboCup Crailsheim: Summary

Now that the RoboCup Crailsheim is coming to an end, we can give a summary of the weekend.

Our team was able to draw a lot of valuable conclusions from the tournament: why is it possible for us to forget to load the shot in a real tournament game? Shouldn’t something like this be activated automatically? Is our radio actually as robust as we thought? Why didn’t we pass in this or that game situation, although it would have made sense?

Many questions to which we can now throw many minutes of saved game material. But it’s not just us: The other teams were also able to gain valuable insights from the tournament and praised the RoboCup-like overall situation. Accordingly, the teams are all the more pleased to hear that both the city of Crailsheim and the Crailsheim company are planning to hold the tournament every year!

As a living location for robotics and automation, the Crailsheim location and the company Gerhard Schubert, which is inseparably rooted in robotics, only benefit from inspiring young talent from the region with the strengths of robotics and STEM subjects. As a university group, we are therefore very pleased to be able to do our part!

So we only have two things left to say: See you all at RoboCup Bordeaux – as well as RoboCup Crailsheim 2024!