Team Description Papers

Here you can find a list of all papers published by our team. For (E)TDPs, a list of covered topics is also given.

Year Publication Tags
2008 TDP
2009 TDP
2010 TDP
2011 IranOpen TDP
2011 TDP
2011 ETDP
2012 TDP
2013 ETDP
2014 IranOpen TDP
2014 ETDP Mechanics: Overview
Electronics: Overview
Strategy: Overview
2015 IranOpen TDP
2015 ETDP Electronics: Ball Detection
Electronics: JTAG Programmer
Strategy: Multi-Agent System
Strategy: Path Planning
Strategy: Framework
2016 ETDP Mechanics: Linear Kick
Electronics: Ball Detection
Motion Control: Overview
Strategy: Ball Model
2017 IranOpen TDP
2017 ETDP Electronics: Kicker
Motion Control: Overview
Strategy: Defense
Strategy: Tracking
2018 ETDP Motion Control: Current
Strategy: Overview
Strategy: Debugging
2019 ETDP Mechanics: Dribbler
Mechanics: Drive Module
Electronics: Motor Controller
Strategy: Midfield
Human Factor
2019 ETDP Poster
2020 ETDP Strategy: Path Planning
2022 ETDP Mechanics: Chip Kick
Electronics: Modularization
Electronics: Kicker
Strategy: Attack
Strategy: Simulator
2022 ETDP Poster

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